Any disadvantages to Cloud Zoo vs Single Computer Licensing?

I’m hoping to use Rhino on both my work and home computers. It appears that the Cloud Zoo allows me to do that.
I’m planning on using Rhino with Visual ARQ. And potentially some other add-ons. I’m guessing neither will be an issue or I’d see more complaints on here :wink: .
I just decided to post in case there are some other unknowns I haven’t considered.

I’ve used the Cloud Zoo without any problems which I recall since it was introduced with V6. It does require occasional internet access.

With a single dedicated license no internet access is needed after the license is activated.

Also, third party plug-ins use their own licensing schemes. For example for Orca3D I need to manually move the license from one computer to another.

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See if this helps you choose:

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I had lots of problems with the Cloud Zoo in Rhino 7. I now use Single-Computer license and I will never go back to the Cloud Zoo.

Oh no! What kind of problems?

You can switch license types without too much trouble?

I’ve found cloud zoo to be an excellent solution and wholeheartedly recommend unless you’re the type of person who enjoys going “off grid” for months at a time… sporadic internet connection is required. But for me it enabled me (my situation has subsequently changed a little) to use my own Mac, my companies pc laptop and my own pc laptop all using my own license. That would be impossible with s “single computer “ license.
From memory I had one minor issue once which McNeel sorted immediately… but that was a years ago or something. Other than that it has worked flawlessly without exception and in use Rhino every day

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I personally use Cloud Zoo for Rhino 7 with no problems because I work on different computers or virtual mahcines. However if you work only on one computer, it makes no advantages to use Cloud Zoo over standalone.

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I’m fortunate to use both a Windows & Mac machine, Cloud Zoo works fine :slight_smile:

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I also use my license between any of several machines, fixed and portable. Being a reseller I also have to share my license with others occasionally for demos and teaching. The Cloud Zoo works perfectly for this and I have rarely had problems.

Beware of the following though:

If you do not use a license on a machine for more than about two weeks, you will need to be connected to the internet when you do use it the next time, as you will have lost your lease in the meantime.

Periodically, as a safety precaution, you are also logged out automatically from your Rhino account and you will need to log back in.

If you need to work offline for an extended period of time, a local or LAN Zoo license installation is the only possibility.