Rhino License

I have a little problem with the new licensing in V6. How can I create an additional offline license to a laptop without copying and export license codes?

If you are looking to have the same license locally installed at the same time on two or more machines, you can’t. The only way is to have the license in the cloud zoo.

I see the governing word here is “offline”. As I understand it, the only way to accomplish what you would like is to buy a separate license. IMO this is a major step backward by NcNeel for folks who merely want to work “at the office” on a workstation, yet have the ability to take their work on the road with a laptop for client consultations, etc. It basically doubles the price over V5 for a capability that was an important part of the Rhino value proposition for a fairly large subclass of Rhino users.

I really wish McNeel could find a way to bring this back. However, I have no way of knowing how badly this ability was being abused.

Hello - if you can connect to the internet occasionally, then a cloud Zoo license should work - @AlW - that is mostly how that should work - the cloud zoo does require a connection now and then but there is maybe 2 weeks (I’m not sure of the exact limit) where you can get away without.