Cloud Zoo - how it works if the internet connection is temporary broken?


following situation - after several years of use I want to use a new computer as my main machine. The old machine will be used as render slave and backup system, so if the new PC shouldn’t work by a malfunction, I could finish a project at the slave computer.

I think about to use the Zoo cloud feature, so I could easy switch to my backup slave system, but I ask me, what is, if my interner provider doesn’t work for some time. For example yesterday I was working and today in the morning I got no connection. Can I still use Rhino? How long doe’s it work?

I would like to use my license like a dongle license, which I could easy plug to an other machine. Is it possible per Zoo cloud?


No dongles from us for Rhino.

Cloud Zoo licensing works with only intermittent Internet connection by creating a local “lease” that lasts for about 2 weeks.
When you initially start Rhino and login, you need an Internet connection. A local lease is created that give that computer off-line access for running Rhino for 13-14 days.
In Options > Licenses, Rhino will tell you how long you can run without any connection at all.
When you start Rhino after that, Rhino checks to see if there is an Internet connection. If there is, and if your off-line lease is more than 10% depleted, Rhino contacts our license servers and refreshes your leas to be about 2 weeks.
If there is no Internet connection, the lease update fails silently and you don’t know.
If your Internet access of down for 11-12 days, then when Rhino starts and fails to update the lease, you will get a warning, that Rhino has been unable to connect and Rhino will stop running in a couple days.
If you ignore the warning, Rhino will become increasingly insistent on warning you.
At some point before then, connect to the Internet and start Rhino so the off-line access is refreshed.
Most people have fairly reliable Internet so they never even know this license refreshing is happening.
The people that have trouble, generally have a laptop they only use for traveling.
If the laptop license lease is expired and you try to start Rhino without Internet access, Rhino will not run.
If you have a traveling laptop and plan to use it while traveling on a train or airplane, be sure to start Rhino on the laptop while you have an Internet connection before you leave.

Does that make sense?

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Sounds good and it’s good to know. I suppose so if my computer would crash by an accident and the license is fixed to this machine, than talking with the support would help. But I never run in this case, only a day without internet was the biggest problem.

Thank you for the details.

When using Cloud Zoo licensing, the license is NOT tied to a specific computer. Computers can come and go. Load up V6, login, and work.

The only time a license is locked to a computer is with stand-alone licensing.
Then if the computer dies or is stolen, your license will have to be manually recovered by Sales at your regional McNeel office.

Some times I got crashes by GPU rendering (maybe something was wrong with the extension cable) and I had strong problems to restart the machine. I ask me in this moment, if I can’t start the master machine, could I start the slave machine and use Rhino? During the crash there was no time to free the license. Is the license fixed to the master machine for 14 days? Or do you mean, if one Rhino machine is offline a second Rhino machine can be started?

Hi Micha - even if Rhino is still running on your primary machine, you can start Rhino on a different machine. You will be asked if you want to use your license on that machine and, if you answer yes to that, you will only be able to save your file on your primary machine.

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Great, practicable for every case. I will use the Zoo Cloud feature. :slight_smile:


The ability to take your own license from yourself on another computer is what distinguishes the “Personal” licenses from “Team” licenses.
Since you can not be in two places at once, you can take your license from yourself.

If you instead are sharing licenses in a Cloud Zoo Team, then this is not possible.
If all the licenses are in use, then they are all in use.