Can Rhino 6 work without internet connection?

I use Rhino 6 on a desktop and laptop and sometimes go between the two several times on any given day. Desktop in downtown office and laptop with me most of the time. Never had a problem until trying to get Rhino started this morning with internet out in my rural home.

I live in a rural location with occasionally spotty internet. I also like to travel to locations with no connection. Picture a cabin in the woods, artistic retreat. Is there a way to enable a legal copy of Rhino 6 to successfully start with no internet? I fired up Rhino and am posting now through a wireless hotspot created by my phone but I anticipate that I may find myself in a situation where that’s not possible. Any help appreciated!

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To share a single V6 license between multiple computers, you need to use the Cloud Zoo with your license in the Personal list.

This requires an initial Internet connection to create a license “lease” on that computer. Typically, the least is 2 weeks. Rhino will run for two weeks on that computer without any Internet connection.

When Rhino starts, if there is an Internet connection and your lease is 10% or more depleted, Rhino contacts the license servers and refreshes your off-line lease to 2 weeks again. If there is no Internet connection, the license update fails silently and Rhino starts.
When your off-line lease gets under two days, Rhino will begin warning you that your lease is going to run out and will get more and more insistent as that deadline gets closer.

You can always check your current off-line lease in Options > Licenses. It will tell you the date and time Rhino will stop. If everything is working normally, it will be 2 weeks out. If it’s less than that, see what you can do about getting connected.

Your Rhino account also has a login associated with it, much like Google or any other tool that needs to be refreshed occasionally. I think the Rhino account login (gives you access to the discussion forum and Cloud Zoo tools), is about 90 days.

If you know you will be totally off-line for more than two weeks, you’ll need to remove the license from your Personal Cloud Zoo licenses, and deploy it stand-alone on one computer. Then no Internet access is needed at all, but you will be limited to Rhino on one single computer.


Another option a McNeel representative told me about a year ago or so was to use the Zoo (non-cloud version) which allows transfer of a license between computer when both are on the same network. My understanding is the advantage of using the non-cloud Zoo is the license can be used on the machine it is active on indefinitely without internet connectivity. The disadvantage is both machines need to be on the same network to transfer the license. So if you forget to transfer the license from your desktop to the laptop before leaving the office you won’t be able to use Rhino V6 on the laptop without returning to the office. @John_Brock - is this correct?

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That’s close but not entirely accurate.
The Cloud Zoo only needs an occasional Internet connection.
The LAN Zoo requires an active network connection. There is no lease.
It is possible to enable a license “check out” feature in the LAN Zoo Admin console. Then Rhino is started and the LAN Zoo give it a license. Then the user runs CheckOutLicense.
At that point, the computer can be disconnected from the network and it carries it’s own license. The license is not available on the network while it is checked out.
The Check out feature can be configured to a limited number of days, or indefinitely.

Here’s a link to a support page that describes the ways a V6 license can be used. It also includes a handy Wizard that steps you through the different options, what is required, and the steps to setting it up:

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CheckOutLicense is the feature which was described to me.

Thanks for your response, John. So if I’m understanding correctly, If I had previously used my laptop (in my last use of Rhino) prior to the internet outage and while connected, it would have started normally this morning with no connection? It is correct that I was at my office using Rhino on my desktop in the last use prior to this morning at home.

If that’s the way it works it’s much better situation than I was thinking. Outages being unpredictable at home, this may cause some minor inconvenience, but I get it that McNeel needs a way to protect its interest and this provides a way to use my laptop without connection for extended periods as long as I know before hand I will need it that way. Not unreasonable at all!
My best, Gary D

Yes, you have described it correctly.
Start Rhino and go into Options > Licenses.
Find the off-line access information for Rhino.
You can go to your cabin in the woods with no Internet and run Rhino until then.
When Rhino starts to gripe about not being able to refresh it license, drive to town for a coffee with your laptop, connect to the Internet, start Rhino, check that your license lease has been refreshed and go back up to the cabin.
Don’t forget to pickup more beer and hotdogs before you leave town…


Hi @gary2,

I’ve been after McNeel for a while to design a licensing system that works the way we do. Since then, and after describing our needs, and asking others, they built Cloud-Zoo.

I Work on 4 different PCs, sometimes at the office, sometimes at home, sometimes somewhere without internet, and I never have to think about licensing, and long as each machine has seen some internet while Rhino was running when I launch Rhino it just works. If a machine has not been on for a while it might need to be online that first time that Rhino launches again. But in general it’s really a lovely system. We also use it for Bongo animation.

Since then I went ahead and moved my licenses and added a few more to a ‘Rhino Team’ in Cloud Zoo. So now everyone in my team can use the same pool of licenses, also from anywhere, in any machine they use. All the need is a Rhino login (like what you have for this discourse page), so they don’t even need to deal with license numbers. I even was able to invite a client once on the fly because he was having connection issues with his VPN/Dinosaur Zoo.

It’s great stuff!


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Yes, now that I understand how it works it seems fair and equitable. Thanks for chiming in!