Any chance of a "live link" between Cinema 4D and Rhino?

Keyshot has a really great plugin for Rhino where you can one-click transfer/update/sync your scene between Rhino and Keyshot.

However I do most of my rendering in Cinema4D & Redshift these days.

I’m wondering if there is some plugin or existing method for doing something similar with Cinema4D.

I’d imagine it’d work by automatically converting all NURBs to polygons (using the same method as “Export as OBJ” with some user-saved settings) and updating those in the active scene file in Cinema4D. All objects would be tracked by some internal ID so that you could make updates and keep the files in sync, just like Keyshot.

Does such a thing exist? …Could it?


it is old though, i have no idea if there are updates etc

That would be a feature you’d need to talk to Cinema4d about. We make our SDK and RDK available free for anyone who wants to use it to develop tools.