Keyshot for rhino : modify a model already in keyshot

Hello all
I’m trying to figure out whether Keyshot is a good option for us, and I have one question about the workflow.
Let’s say i have a model in Rhino: I synchronize it with keyshot, apply materials, modify the model, update the render in Keyshot. And do it as many times as needed. All good.
Now let’s say I resume working on the model the following week and make some updates in Rhino: when I link the model to keyshot, will the settings previously applied in Keyshot still be present (materials, lighting, environment, etc.). or do I need to restart from scratch

Thank you

The live link works great if the model has the same layer structure. If you start to create model sets, the live link doesn’t really work for me. Nevertheless I’ve been using it for years and it’s my preffered solution for rendering. Mainly because of Keyshot XR and the ability to render anyimations as video.