Antialiasing problem with AMD Radeon cards

Viewports error. After trying all sorts of settings and tweaks I cannot get Rhino to display correctly. I’m using radeon HD 7950 card along with FX-6300 CPU.
I Tried using the beta drivers and the latest driver as well but the problem still there. Anyone know the fix to this?
I have to disable antianalyzing in order for the problem to go away and I don’t like it. Without anti analyzing, the lines are jaggy, :confused:

Probably the same problem as this…


so the problem is i have to downgrade to 14.4 driver?

I don’t think anything else has been found as a remedy yet… --Mitch

Here’s one you asked about

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@willyb, i am using the same card and a slightly newer driver:

to get good aliasing with AMD cards, best is to disable it in the dialog shown above and use the test command _TestToggleLineSmoothing instead. It may be used selectively for one or more viewports.