Help: Laptop with AMD radeon hd 7600m issues

Hi, I have a customer that has some AMD laptop issues with repeated or black areas:
(Windows 10, new drivers)

What can the customer do?

I don’t think an older drivers (v13) as advised in other threads is an option since this is on a windows 10 machine.

See if setting the antialiasing to None helps.
If not, try unchecking using accelerated hardware modes and restart Rhino.

Thanks, the first we tried was turning off the acceleration, to double check that it was the graphiccard that caused it, and that fixed the viewports, but that is a desperate solution for a designer who needs to work with Rhino and Maxwell.

I didn’t directly ask for aa to be turned off, but when accelerated hardware is turned off and on again then I expected aa stays at “none” (phone support) but I’ll ask for that directly.

I know you don’t want to change anything in Rhino 5 at this point, but V6 is still far away, and I don’t know if it is any better, so while you don’t do anything and point your fingers at amd you have customers bleeding, I hate the fact that so many laptops uses their cards and their driver support is so bad, but what can be done? Anything we can do?

BTW, I think my wives old laptop had an amd card, I’ll see if I can fire it up and reproduce the issue, and if I find a solution you’ll put me on the paybill, deal?

AMD has made it clear there will be no “fix” for Radeons with respect to support for OpenGL based graphics. This is why the System Requirements details warn people to avoid AMD Radeons.

I know, but it is a tad late to find this warning when Rhino is installed on the machine.

Maybe software update the other views, with latency, but close to realtime, and keep the active view hardware accelerated could be a solution?

I imagine it is related to how Rhino redraws the inactive viewports, and maybe it could be done differently, to fix this for those who needs Rhino and just can’t run out and buy a new machine? It seems wrong to just let this go IMO, at least without a little effort. If it was affecting Rhino 4 then I would agree, but Rhino 5 is your current software for sale.

I upgraded the old laptop I have to windows 10, but it has a Radeon HD 3200 graphiccard and there are no new Radeon drivers for that card. Instead it uses the default for Windows 10, (the driver used comes up as 8.9 drivers) and these seem to work fine on this old card.

It shows quite nice AA and OK performance (better than software mode at least )
I have not tried complex files on it yet.