Poor Antialising with latest Radeon Pro Graphics Cards

On Brand new Windows 10 PCs with the latest AMD Radeon Pro Graphics (and drivers) Rhino display is terrible.

  • Text/ Menu items are blurry.
  • Lines (that are the same) appear in varying thicknesses
  • Patterns show random zig zag line endings

The issue occurs in all the different antialiasing settings.

This is a Rhino 5 specific Problem, that does not exist in the V6 Beta anymore. Can you please come up with an update/fix in Rhino 5? We simply cannot send back the new Computers.

Thanks for your reply/ help.

randomly varying linethickness…

zig zag hatch borders…

dotted line, dot variation…

Interface, blurry menu text and items (compared to the ultra sharp windows 10 elements)…

For V5, the Radeon cards are not recommended.
How does it look in the V6 WIP?
It should be good there.

Dear John,
as I wrote, it is good in V6 WIP.

What’s your advice?

  • Is there going to be an update to V5?
  • When is V6 released?

With this setup we cannot work. So, if there is no update in sight, we would consider sending back the Radeon PCs.

Thanks for your support.

AMD decided to not support OpenGL in their Radeon cards back in late 2013. Radeons are for DirectX Gaming.
Rhino is OpenGL based.
They want you to buy their FirePro cards for OpenGL.
Radeons will never work well in Rhino V5, and there will be no more V5 updates.

We are getting better results out of Radeons for V6.

My best guess is V6 will be ready to go before the end of the year, but that’s a guess.
Many V5 owners are using the V6 WIP for production work and only saving back to V5 to use V5 only plug-ins.

Depending on your circumstances, you might look into replacing just your video cards with similarly priced Nvidia cards, since it sounds like you are talking about desktop computers. I would expect that any vendor who sold you multiple computers would want to keep you satisfied. I’m also pretty sure they would be delighted to put you into more expensive AMD cards :smile:

Does this “better” come close to meaning “customer acceptable”?

I want you to test it and see if V6 works better on the Radeons, and let me know
I don’t have a Radeon.

Neither do I. I’ve always used Quadros. I sure don’t have any complaints, although what I do doesn’t nearly challenge them compared to things I’ve seen in the forum.

Quadros are intended for OpenGL graphics like AMD’s FirePros.
nVidia’s GeForce cards are intended for DirectX like the Radeons, but the GeForce cards will actually work for OpenGL. They are artificially slower than the Quadros.

To compare apples to apples, compare your Quadro to the FirePro.
I think you’ll find the antialiasing isn’t as good on the FirePro.