Wish: turn of textures

It would be nice if we would be able to turn off the display of textures in shaded/rendered views to enhance the performance or tackle down display problems.
Another suggestion would be to be able to define the texture resolution displayed .

Hi Andreas - I guess this would be a switch per display mode where material usage is set - is that what you have in mind? In here someplace:


Yes exactly!

If all you are trying to do is to track down display problems, just switch the “Color and Material Usage” combo box to “Object color”

  • Andy

Yes, I already do this but since I need transparent objects like glass planes to stay transparent, I cannot use this mode for more than short tests…

I would also like this, it’s needed for the ability to quickly turn off textures for 3D scans.

I would also like to have selection color override for the display mode, when working with dense meshes it is impossible to orient them when the entire thing is a yellow glowing blob. So to be able to only show mesh eges when selected would be great, or not show it selected when moved or oriented, only when stationary.

I hope you see this as related and not as a hijack :wink:

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Holo, doesn’t that lead to sub-d behavior? —Mark

My point here was related to display modes and how objects are presented, both selected and not, and not to the actual geometry, or did you mean something else Mark?

Might have budded in when shouldn’t have. Cheers, Mark

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:smiley: fabulous comment!