Locked PictureFrame

When I place a picture frame, then lock it, it (the PF) goes purple or green when I select any other object on the screen. I can still see the image, but the base color turns purple or green.

Win 8, AMD Radeon R9 200


Looks like it happens whether or not it’s locked…

Hmm, can’t seem to reproduce that here. Win 8.1, but NVidia card. --Mitch

Mitch - I have some more info:

Change the transparency of the PF to somewhat transparent in the materials tab. Make sure Gumball is on. Then select a crv and move your mouse over the gumball. Anything?

Yep. There have been reports of display anomalies involving color changes like this already. Steve knows about it. They have been doing a major revamp of the display code and haven’t ironed all the bugs out yet. --Mitch