Annotative scaling of perspective details?

Oblligatory apology am very new here- workplace just switched to Rhino. Was previously working n autodesk and sometimes sketchup.

Am I crazy, or does scaled dimensioning in layout-space only work for details of parallel-projected viewports? I can’t seem to make properly scaled dimensions in layout-space of perspective details- but it all works exactly as expected with any details that are flat-projected viewports.

I’m confused as I’ve been used to this functionality in other software for years now- so I’m thinkiing maybe there’s something I’m just not understanding?

Thanks in advance

Hi Brendan -

That’s the way it works, yes.
In Rhino, dimensions are created on a plane and, in a layout, the model space distances are projected to the paper space plane. For perspective views, this results in numbers that don’t reflect the dimensions.

Apart from that,


Thanks! appreciate the quick explanation and the helpful link.