Inconsistent Annotation Scale in Perspective View within a Detail in Layout Space

Hey there,

I think that title makes sense.

Sometimes I may want to have a Detail on my sheet in Layout Space that displays a Perspective View with overall dimensions that I have drawn in Model Space. See screenshot below.

I had hoped that the size of the annotations/dimensions would be consistent no matter where they are placed within the 3D space, but as you can see, the dimension closest to us in the Perspective View measures bigger on the page than the distant one. See below for Annotation Settings.

So, my question is - Is there an option that resolves this, forcing the annotations/dimensions to display at a consistent size while viewing Perspective Mode displayed through a Detail in Layout Space?

I hope that makes sense. I’ve also attached the Rhino6 file (I think)…

Thanks in advance.

Hello - no, I don’t know of a way - is it ok to set your view to a parallel projection? It will not be perspective, obviously, but it will be oblique and the dims will read consistently.


Thanks Pascal. I can switch to Parallel, it isn’t essential I use Perspective. I was only curious, but I think that answers that. Cheers!