Dimensioning over layouts

I’m almost sure that there was a way to dimension in layouts in a way that you don’t need to open the detail and draw dimensions in viewport, but dimension over the layout page and still have the dimensions adhere to the “real” scale as if you are dimensioning inside the viewport.
Am I mistaken? Maybe I was using a script in the past. Does Rhino actually allow you to do this?

Hi Toshe -

Yes, that is the recommended workflow for created annotated drawings in Rhino.

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Of course!
If I actually used my small-scale annotation style I’ve would’ve seen that it annotates the 1:1 scale in viewport.
Thank you and sorry for the bother.

if i have perspective or isometric view dimensions seem to be off and not true. does this work only when dimensioning on perpendicularly projected objects?

1000 is correct
dimension was added in layout space not model space

i just doubleclicked detail view changed to perspective and dimension jumped to this position with incorrect value

now o try to dimension in model space and then “changespace”


this seems like not expected behaviour or am i doing something wrong?

  • note: angle dimensions are crazy as well

Hi Ivan -


I assume that there is simple formula behind it which just multiplies layout dimension with detail view scale. the dimension probably does not really take the values in reference to the actual geometry in model space.
i guess it would be useful it the latter was the case when dimensions would be true in any type of view.
for example when i dimensione the angle i actualy picked edges of the cube so rhino has the information which edges i want to get angle from and it should give me correct angle 90degrees.

what is your opinion?