Dimensions on layout vs dimensions in viewport

Is there any tutorial explaining how to accurately display dimensions on layout ? I’ve made some settings for dimensions in viewport, however on layout they are in different scale, hence so small that unreadable. Why does it happen ?


Hi Maciek- try making the dimension size correct for layout, and then look in DocumentProperites > Annotation > Dimensions >‘your Dimension style name’ page. There you can set ‘Model space scale’ to compensate so make dims look correct in model space- sort of the reverse direction of fixing the problem than what you assumed- does that work for you?


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Maciek -

There are a few ways you can dimension with layouts and detail views. I expect you have multiple detail views showing multiple scales on one layout.

  1. If both the dimensions and the objects exist in the detailed view, then the Annotation Scaling Property should take care of the dimension scale so all the dimensions ares scaled the same. You can make sure this option is on in Tools pulldown > Options > Annotation. To the right you can Enable Scaling and set model space Scale 1.0. These also happen to be the defaults.

  1. If the objects are within the detailed view and the dimensions exist out in the layout, then the dimension style sizes for arrows and dimension lines will control the size of the dimensions.

What can be confusing is when the size of the Dimensions in standard Front, Top, Right and Perspective working Viewports does not match the scale that is in the layouts. Normally it is difficult to setup dimensions in the working viewports and predict exactly what will happen within layout views.

Does this help, or is there another aspect of dimensions that do not make sense?

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This helped me tremendously:

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I turned off option “Enable scaling of text, dimensions and leaders” in Rhino Options --> Annotation and now dimensions in viewport and layout have the same scale. So this is what want to obtain. However, I’ll watch the tutorial that Arail posted to have better understanding of layout usage.

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