(annotation) scaling blocks

It would be great to be able to create blocks for drafting that will scale according to layout detail scales.

This would be useful for drafting with architectural symbols such as arrowheads, north-arrows, section marks etc.
One could then design symbols according to specific needs and they would be able to scale in layouts just as we know it from annotation scaling.

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Any plan to include this feature in V6?

Hi Morten,
Thanks for letting us know.
I added this as a Rhino Feature Request back in November 2015:
RH-32049 Blocks Scaled with Annotation or Detail Scale.

It is still a private thread, but at some point the developer may may it visible.
Even November 2015 is was too late for Rhino 6 feature list.
More likely, it will be considered for Rhino 7.
I have added your “vote” for this feature, which helps a lot.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

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Hi, does anyone know if this feature has been added to Rhino 7?

Kind regards,

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Hi Mary,

Has this feature been added to Rhino 7 in the meantime? I can find very little about this.

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Hi -

No, this feature request is still open - RH-32049.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for your answer.

I have to second this feature request. We can’t use layout scaling otherwise since our plans include drafting symbols that have to be kept at the same scale as the accompanying text, e.g., a section marker or a ceiling height symbol in plan.

Hi Wim,
has this feature been added in the meantime? maybe in Rhino 8?

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@matthias No, this feature is not in Rhino 8. You can see on that YT item Wim has posted that this is currently on the future list.