Detail symbol scale

Hi there,

(This is a bit complex question.)

I am wondering if it is possible to leave the scale of certain objects, detail symbols (section line, levels) static on layouts. For example when I create a layout in 1:100 and 1:50 the section line symbol can be the same size on both layouts.

Alternatively can I use script to find the location of the model section lines on the layout? So, the script would automatically draw the section lines onto the layouts in the same position as in the model.

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Hi @onrender,

Rhino does not have blocks (or other geometry) that respond to annotation scale. I know this is on the wish list.

– Dale

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I generate all plans, sections and elevations this way. The Detail Callouts are scale dependent but i do a old autocad style setup, where the everything is in model space. Layouts are generated for batch printing, but not to the actual sheet size in the layout.

The branching determines the names/location, so its just a matter of locating in model/plan/section via intersection then orienting.