Annotative text scaling in worksession files with varying scales

Hi Everyone,

We are trying to worksession our plan files into multiple detail files with varying scales but are having problems with our text scaling because our plan files are set up at a different scale to the detail files.

Is there a way to set up annotative text blocks/symbols for things like room tags so that they adjust to display the same size at all annotative scales? Similar to an annotative autocad block? If not any work arounds people have found?


Hi Will,
Here are the specifics. In CAD as in Rhino you do not “draw” to scale. You draw full size. You either scale at print time, or in the case of a layout, the scale is set to the individual details.

So it actually works. You can combine your models in a works session, In one of the models, you can set up a layout. With Annotations scale on, you can add dimensions that are appropriately sized for the details scale, and look correct on the Layout.

When you use worksesstions, the files combine at 0,0 and there is no scaling.
(in comparison, linked block allows you to scale the file at some factor as your are attaching it. )
In a Layout with Annotation scale ON, you can set up the sheet and add dimension and text either to the layout or the detail.

Block and symbols are not affected by the layout scale. A block that is scaled by the annotations scale, is on the wish list, but not in Rhino yet.

It might be easier to talk you about this Will or set up a web meeting.
Email me, to arrange.

Kind regards,
Mary Ann Fugier