V-Ray Timeline - How to?

Hello, I have been using V-Ray for Rhino for quite some time, Grasshopper for a couple of years, but am fairly new to using V-Ray to render inside of Grasshopper. I have set up a paneled wall where a sphere is generated to follow a curve and open the triangulated panels as it passes. I’ve checked a bunch of videos and tutorials and am at a loss for how to animate this using a V-Ray timeline component. I keep receiving an error message when I try to connect the “Parameter” component from the “Evaluate Curve” one to the V-Ray Timeline. I’m definitely missing something. Does anyone know what I could do to correct this so I could fully animate the sequence via V-Ray inside of Grasshopper? I attached the Rhino and Grasshopper files as well as some screenshots.

Triangulated Wall.3dm (193.6 KB)
Triangulated Wall.gh (24.1 KB)

Set it up this way and it should work:

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You have 0 number of frames. Put a positive integer in the Frames parameter

Thank you very much @Gijs_de_Zwart ! What you suggested worked perfectly. This may sound like a stupid question but are you able to render from V-Ray in Grasshopper to Chaos Cloud to render the full sequence? I’ve been looking online for information pertaining to that and have not been able to find anything.

Hello @Nikolay What @Gijs_de_Zwart suggested worked. I had messed around with the number of frames with a slider or connecting the “parameter” component directly to the “Frames” node. That is what kept giving me the error.

I have never tried or found the need to, so can’t help you with that. My @ name is @Gijs btw…

Ok. Thanks @Gijs. Do you use Chaos Cloud at all? I use it often and the reason I would like to use it is that none of what I am rendering is actually baked. If I just used the regular V-Ray Asset Editor Window or the Frame Buffer it will not render anything. If I can’t access the Cloud through V-Ray in Grasshopper I have to render everything on my machine which takes a long time. Are you fairly well versed in V-Ray, Grasshopper, and Rhino?

The first thing I would try is to use the ‘render in project’, and see if that works, I guess it should @Nikolay is this correct?

You ca export a .vrscene, either still, animated, or animated sequece of stills, and upload to the cloud manually.
Render in project is also a good choice, although the environment and other settings are not quite the same as in gh
Funally, we have plans to add cloud and swarm support to gh in one of the next releases

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Thank you to both of you @Nikolay and @Gijs for your help and suggestions. I haven’t tried the .vrscene export yet but will. That would be great to have cloud and swarm support in Grasshopper soon.