Animating an object along two consecutive paths

Hello everyone !
Help someone! I need to make an animation of an object in two consecutive ways.
That is, I made an animation along one line and I need this object to continue its path but along a different line.
It turns out so that when I add a new path for an object, the bongo simply averages these 2 paths and does not lose them sequentially!
What am I doing wrong ?

Red highlighted path that I can not go sequentially

What keeps you from “joining” both lines (using Rhino’s Join command) hence creating one single path?

There is a rotation and some more actions, so I need the path to continue along another spline. Only here is how to do it!?


In Bongo an object is caught to a Simple Constraint for the entire sequence. No way to let go a constraint, nor jump from one path to another.

But a Simple Constraint is manageable via keyframes (the Constraint Parameter in the Keyframe Editor). You can for instance easily make a pause somewhere along the way.
Moreover a Simple Constraint can be combined with the basic animations like e.g. rotation.

Roman demo.3dm (57.5 KB)
Please take a look at this little demo. I hope it gives you inspiration to solve your enigma. If you don’t get what’s going I’ll gladly explain further.

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Luc thanks for the help!
But could you explain how you paused at the corner of the road? Because I still don’t understand which parameter and where to turn it on to do this!?
I think it would solve all my problems!
Thanks in advance !


In this model Roman demo 001.3dm I took away all rotational data, leaving only the ‘pause’ at the corner of the path.
In the KeyframeEditor you can see the setting of the Constraint parameter.
For keyframe 0 the parameter is set to 0.000 hence bringing the cube at the start of the path. In keyframe 99 the parameter is 1.000 hence taking the cube at the end of the path.
To realize the pause I created keyframes 40 and 55 (obviously you can choose whatever number you like) and entered in both the value of 0.323.
There are various techniques to find out the value needed in order to get the cube at the corner of the path, but you can also simply use by trial and error.

In order to get have the cube stable during the pause it is necessary that the value in both keyframes are identical, and that the Easing is set to Automatic (as it is by default). If not the cube would slightly move hence and forth during the pause.

More questions? Shoot.



Thank you very much !
Really helped!
All the best for you!

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