Camera Path in Bongo

Wonder if there is a way to make a camera path instead of using your mouse/keyframes?
Also, wondering if there is a way to edit the camera path once you create it with keyframe? Almost like what you would do in Rhino Animation.
Please advise


I’m not sure what you have in mind. Maybe something like this?

In my experience, this is the Viewport animation setup easiest to edit. Instead of a actual object you can use a dummy point to constrain the ‘target’ to.


PS Use F6 to show the Rhino’s camera!

Hi Luc,
Yes that looks like what I may need! Did you just draw your oval path that you are using for the camera path? As you can probably tell I am new to Bongo and teaching myself! At times its a bit tricky!
Thanks for all your help!

Yes Marissa, you can draw whatever line or curve you think is appropriate, a cicle, a oval, an arch, a curve, a straight line, a polyline… Simply use Rhino’s attributes.

Self-study in excellent. You just need patience and a little help from time to time. Be my guest.


Forgot to mention, the beauty of this technique is that you can edit the view-animation by editing the curve, without deleting the constraint. All Rhino’s control point based editing techniques can be used, inculding add controlpoints, rebuild the curve, etc… but also scale the curve, move it up or down etc… I mostly start off with a approximate estimate of the curve (posibliy based upon the camera position of the View the animation is based upon) and then I mold the curve untill satifaction.

There is also a technique base upon Named Views (see Bongo 2 - How to animate Named Views - Bongo) which in my opinion is far less flexible.