Pause Camera along a path

Is there a way to pause the movement of a camera that is constrained along a path?

Yes, when you create a constraint there are two keyframes automatically added to the start and end of the animation. These keyframes control the constraint parameter (how far along the path the animated object is).

To make the object pause and continue:

  1. Select the object
  2. Right click the timeline on the tick where you want the object to stop and select Add Keyframe -> Selected Object(s) -> Precalculated
  3. Right click the precalculated keyframe and choose “Copy…”
  4. In the dialog enter the tick where you’d like the object to continue moving

Then you can tweak it by dragging the keyframes to your liking. You can also enter the Keyframe Editor and adjust the constraint parameter to your liking.

Here’s some light reading on constraints

And an example

ToPath V6.3dm (26.4 KB)

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Hi Joshua,

That did the trick. Thanks!

The only problem with this method is that when I pause at the beginning of my run, the timing of everything after that point changes. I wish I was able to keep the timing of those elements somehow. I think the Camera to Object might be the only option here, but the issue with Camera to Object is I’m not able to control the camera path as well as using the Path method. I get little jerky moves that I’m not (with my level of knowledge of tweening and easing) able to control.

It seems like I didn’t give a great example. You can do the exact same thing with the viewport constraints as well. Here’s an example

Camera Path.3dm (46.8 KB)

As for timing, I would tweak the keyframes for the viewport instead of trying to modify all the object keyframes. There’s not a great way to tweak all the object keyframes easily except from the timeline. I think Bongo could benefit from a “dope sheet” style editor for this kind of problem.

The jerky motion sounds a bit odd. Can you provide an example to look at?

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Hi Joshua,
Thanks for the advice. Keyframes have indeed been helpful. I’ve managed to massage most of the bugs out of my run. It’s been a learning curve!

Happy to send you my file after it finishes rendering in 11 hours…