Importing dwgs to correct level issue

Hi everybody,

I have just started with visualarq and would be interested how to create a tapered wall.
any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi, there are different ways to create tapered walls.

  1. Using the vaWallSubtractSolids command. Create a solid of subtraction and place it on the desired position on the wall.
  2. Using the vaWallExtend command. The wall will keep linked to the object it has been extended to.
  3. Converting a Rhino solid into a wall with the vaWallFromSolid command. Just create a solid in the shape you like (it has to be a closed solid or extrusion) and draw a line that will define the wall path.

You can find more information about these commands in this post:

Thank you for your reply and my apologies to responding that late.
I was on vacation.

will try out your suggestions at the weekend