Planar mapping not from the top


I was wondering if planar mapping was possible at an angle different than straight down from the top.

When the object is rotated, the texture distorts in an unpredictable way as shown in the screenshot, and I am not sure why.

My intent is to map a texture in a parallel projection way on an object and subsequently render the object from another view to create a an anamorphic projection of the texture. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Please help! Thank you so much.

Using Rhino 6.

Yes, you can use a custom Cplane set to any view and then set the object’s texture mapping to planar and by Cplane. Save a corresponding view using the Plan command to look at the custom Cplane and then the Named Views panel. Rotating the objects also rotates the planar mapping widget. If you don’t see the same, it’s likely something in the file or a graphics card issue.

Anamorphic-Rhino.3dm (328.0 KB)


Hello Brian, Thank you for your response. Awesome graphic haha!

I was able to solve the issue using the show mapping widget and rotating the plane to change the angle of projection.

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