Alt key does not work anymore

Suddenly the “Alt” key for making a copy does not work anymore.
E.g.: I’m in the “move” command and decide that I want to make a copy. If I press Alt the command line will say:
Unbekannter Befehl: /_Copy
I’m in the German version.
The “/” is clearly in the way, but how on earth did this happen?

Any help is higly appreciated!

As far as I know, you could never copy objects while in the Move command, by pressing Alt or anything else… There is no Copy option in Move. Use the Copy command instead.


are you sure you’re not confusing Rhino with SketchUp? (in sketchup, using Move + alt creates a copy)

another possibility-- you’re confusing Move with Drag?
if dragging an object in Rhino, tap the alt key in order to copy it.

Oh well. You’re right, Jeff.

My brain confused moving and dragging… :weary:
Sorry, everyone!