Text doesn't remember Height

When placing multiple new text objects I would like for Rhino to remember the last used height (within the session)
Now it reverts to 1 unit height for each new text object.


Hello- yeah, that is fallout, I guess, from the switch to annotation styles - the height you set in the dialog is an override to the style’s height. I can imagine it could be a two part setting with an override height, remembered, and a check box to override, so you know what you’re doing…

Will speed-up also my workflow if have a feature to remember the last used height for text.

Hello, just so I understand …

After changing the text height for the first time you could quickly set a new style with that new value (screenshot):

Then every new text annotation will use that style.

The drawback is that changes to the ‘Default’ style won’t be applied to these objects but the good is that all your objects will be grouped so that if you decide to change the text height again on these items you can just change the style.

Do you really want to override every annotation or does the above work?