Text height doesn’t remember last input

Does this bother anyone else besides me? It defaults back to 1.000”.thanks, Mark

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Hi Mark,
I am assuming this is on Rhino 6…
In RH6, text is created based on your default annotation style. You can modify this in your template.

Okay Wim , got it. Yes it is V6. Thanks

Hello everyone,

Yes it bothers me too. And especially when I need to enter the same text over and over again. The first time I enter the text, obviously I have to write it in the text dialog box. But when I need to do it again, I run the text command and the text is not there and all the other settings are set to their defaults (for example, if I had written “hello” in Helvetica with bold setting, the next time I run the text command everything is forgotten (no “hello”, no Helvetica and no bold setting)).

In Rhino 5, it remembers the last input till the restart of the program. I really need this.

Does this have a fix or a workaround (except copy-pasting the frequently used text of course)?

Hi - In Rhino 6 and later, the workflow involves defining the text style and setting a style as default.

As for inserting instances of exactly the same text, you can easily create a macro and assign that to a button or key combination:

_-Text “Your string here”


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Thank you, Wim.


Hi Erdem - note that in Service Release 6.21, Rhino will again remember the previous text string.

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That’s great news!! Thanks. Will it also remember other attributes like the font, size and italic, bold, underlined settings?

Hi - it looks like all attributes but height are remembered.
I put it on the list for the developer to take a look: RH-55854.


RH-55689 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate