Align Revit Floor to 3d dwg link file

Hi guys,

Good day, is there a way to map or align Revit floor from the 3d dwg link file? thanks.


Please see the Host Sub Elements Component. This is similar to the Modify Sub Elements UI command

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Thanks Japhy, how can I feed the link dwg? thanks.

Hi Japhy, I got an error - RhinoInside.Revit.External: Specified cast is not valid.



Please use the latest, there was a casting error that has been resolved recently.

The component is looking for points. Gather or create your points from the dwg file.

Here is one possible way.

Hi Japhy, I am currently using 1.12, cheers.

Iā€™m certain its in 1.13.8431.21763 but you should try the latest RC first (1.12.8431.23288)

Thanks Japhy, I downloaded the latest version but I cannot install it easily as it needs an IT approval :).

Kind regards.