LINK 3DM File with shared coordonnates in REVIT 2022


Here what s the problem,

I linked un dwg file in revit and I imported its coordonnates. When i try to llink a 3DM file which has the same coordonnates tham the DWG, well in REVIT, it is said that they do have the same systems but that the 3DM will be insert in the revit coordonnates, but in a second times, it is daid that thez do not have the same system and taht the 3DM file will be insert center to center…

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Can you share the .3DM file you are importing? Are you using Rhino.Inside.Revit or just adding as a link via Revit UI?

If it’s large or confidential you can post here. Just put my name or email on there and i’ll get it. Japhy @

Hi Japhy,

I sent it


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It worked on my end.

I opened up Rhino and checked the units (meters), opened up a new Revit Project (2022) in metric and changed the units to Meters. Using Link Cad in the Revit Insert dialog i brought in the Cad Boundary and .3dm using the Origin to Internal Origin option on both.


Ok but now try first, to link the DWG, center to center, import its coordonnates, then link the 3DM file with shared coordonnates and you will see the problèm :wink:

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I’m not quite following, what is determining the Center of the DWG? import it coordinates in what manner?? The 3DM isn’t going to know shared coordinates.

You may want to bring them in as shown above and then translate to a different coordinate system in Revit.


Here is the way to import DWG coordonates in REVIT from DWG. My question is Autodesk give the possibility th link the 3DM file with shared coordonates… I am dealing with Autodesk to understand…

You need to use the survey point in your dwg to setup shared coordinates first.

Ok but if I do the same with 3D DWG with sames coordonnates as the 3D file, my procedure is working…

Really depends on your workflow and what you’re trying to accomplish as a whole.

It pretty easy to set a new project location in Revit using the tools provided without moving anything.




The problem is not from 3DM file but from Autodesk …

And I moved the DWG file just to show you that REVIT cannot linked 3DM file with shared coordonates…

I can do the video without moving the DWG it will be the same :slight_smile:

Anyway, I have to find the answer with Autodesk…

Thanks a lot


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