I can't get a right view

Is there a way to create an oriented elevation?

I want to create a front-on view aligned to the object for 2d elevation purpose. My thought was to use a Cplane option, choose ‘object’ cplane, and then go to front view to get the view I wanted. However the view is slightly off when I try this.

I have attached pictures for better understanding. The fist picture shows the objects in a perspective view. I want to get a front view aligned to the grey surface in the picture. The second picture shows what I actually get when I try Cplane-object. As you can see, it is not perfectly aligned to the grey surface, it shows the other side of the object slightly to the right. (highlighted in blue)

Did I do something wrong? what did miss? My construction plane is set to universal construction plane.

I would appreciate your help, I need to make 12 different elevations for similar angled objects and can’t even start unless I figure this out!

Thank you.

It sounds like you’re oriented the CPlane to the object appropriately.
Try running the Plan command in that viewport.

Any luck?

Rhinoceros 5.0 - Asian Corporate, build 2014-06-17 - (compiled May 29 2014)