Aliases command macros sort and find

Hi there,

I am wondering if it is possible to implement the ability to sort alias macros by categories such as date created or alphabetically within the Rhino menu? Currently, all aliases are sorted alphabetically; and the macros seem to accord to this.
It would also be good to be able to use a search box to locate previously implemented macros etc.
I have many aliases and shortcuts, and their management would be improved with such features.



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Thanks Kyle.

This is a bump message, as searching for keywords would save a heap of time. I have probably 100 aliases/macros, and it’s difficult to find keywords when trying to remember the combination. The search function would speed this process up a lot.


It’s an open item on @JohnM 's pile.
He’s doing a LOT of heavy lifting on the UI for v8 and I do see it’s still on his radar. Thanks for your patience ans we continue to WIP the v8 wip… :wink:

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