Search Function for Aliases

I would like this feature as I have plenty of Aliases and if I look for duplicates or already assigned commands this would come in really handy.

Thank you


Giant +1 one from me! What I usually do is export to a txt file and search trough that, but it would be handy to have it build in :slight_smile:


I’ve added this thread to RH-67479 user request- search/ sort for aliases


Thank you Wim!!!

Great, thanks for adding. +1 me on this. That would be a great feature, and presumably easy to implement.

@wim May you add to the list that aliases are synchronized between open Rhino sessions. The use case we have quite commonly is:

  1. Several instances of Rhino are open.
  2. New alias is added in one instance.
  3. Instance with new alias is closed.
  4. Another instance is closed → new alias from 2. lost (aliases overwritten by last closing Rhino instance)

It would be great to either sync aliases between running instances of Rhino or apply a merge on them when closing Rhino.

Thanks, Silvan

Hi Silvan -

That’s the way this currently works. I’ve just tried that in the current WIP and that went as expected. If you have steps to reproduce a failure, please let us know.

@wim I am doing this in Rhino 7. I am not doing anything in particular. I will try after work with plug-ins disabled. Or can you already confirm it is different in RH 7? Will also test with the WIP later. Thanks!

Hi Silvan -

That works fine in Rhino 7 here in a quick test.

@wim Thank you for testing. I had a closer look at my setup and excluded possible culprits step by step. Eventually, it was a problem with my existing aliases. After I deleted them, it started to work as you describe.

+1 on this request - quite often I find myself trying to find a macro in 300+ aliases listed there and without search function its almost impossible. Exporting to a txt file and searching there is an option now but slow and cumbersome. I imagine the “search” would work like a filter showing only the aliases containing an user-defined string in the alias macro, kind of like the Advanced Options search does it now.



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