Aliases question

I want to set hotkeys but when I go in to Options under Aliases I only find a small list of aliases. Is there a master list where I can find all the macros so I can re-assign them? For instance I want to reassign O to Offset (instead of Ortho) but I don’t know what the macro is for Offset.

Thanks for any advice you’ve got.

Hey Alex,
its not a macro list you need, but rather the list of commands. search for command list in the help topics. They’re all there.

Hi Alex - currently, Aliases are not tied to the macros used in the toolbar (RUI) file, but, you can, if you are strong, venture into the LayoutWorkSpace and see all buttons and assigned macros there.


Hi Arail,

I’m not sure I understand the thread here, but it seems to me that you want the macro for Offset. It’s simply
! _offset. So you assign a letter or combination of letters in the left hand column of the Aliases tab, and enter ! _offset in the right hand column. In my case, my alias for offset is ff. If I select a curve and type ff/ enter, the curve is offset.

Forgive me if you know all this.


Thanks for the replies.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clearer but I wasn’t sure of the correct terminology - macro vs alias vs command vs hotkey.

Essentially I want to do exactly what cosmas describes - use O for Offset and then I want to be able to do that for all of my most common commands. So, for instance, I want ex to be Extend rather than Exit, tr to be Trim rather than Triangulate and so on.

So I typed CommandList in the command line and Rhino started chugging along, the CPU got all grumbly, then the program spit out this:

Installation Problem
Could not create USB FaroArm Object

and then died. I could move the cursor around but clicking didn’t do anything.

So I shut down and re launched Rhino and I got this splash screen:

I clicked Yes and all seems to be normal but I do worry that I have inadvertently altered something deep in the subterranean bowels of the program that will rear it’s head at some terribly inconvenient moment.

Wait a second … you mean that all I have to do is go to Aliases in Options and type in the alias I want to use in the first slot and then type ! followed by an underscore then the command (i.e. Trim) and that’s it?

It can’t be that simple - this is a CAD program so it needs to be weirdly bureaucratic and unnecessarily complex and utterly non intuitive.

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Note that you do not necessarily need an exclamation mark - that is only if you need to be sure that you want to cancel any previous command that is running. Some commands are nestable and there you would not want to do so. See the help file on characters to use. [before you know it, you are not just making aliases but writing macros, then scripts, then plug-ins].

FWIW, I’m also getting this. Looks like the CommandList is trying to actually fire up a Faro arm (at least look for it). @pascal, should it be doing that?

It is that simple, @arail, that’s the beauty of it. Rhino is very porous and allows for this added functionality. As wim said, before you know it, you will be writing macros, scrips and plug-ins.

You can also do the same in Options > Keyboard. Those ones only require a single keystroke - they don’t even need ‘Enter’ to initiate the command

Hi Wim, Alex- here’s what I think is happening- the commands list wants to get all the commands, including plug-in commands so it churns through and loads all the plug-ins including the Faro one, and that is what pops out the message box - if you close that you should than get the list - I do here at any rate. I’ll see if we can fix that message box… maybe we can just exclude the Faro plug in from CommandsList, but other plug-ins, if I am right, may do this as well.


Yea, so did I - no crash. I was just going on about the box. Didn’t check against other possible plug-ins. Makes sense…