Alias issues - import/export, etc

Aliases are shown in Options/Preferences in alphabetical order. However when exporting, they are not exported in this order, but rather something that appears random - I suspect that either it’s the order in which they were created, or that they are stored in some sort of dictionary structure with no ordering at all.

For external processing of aliases the current implementation is inconvenient for a couple of reasons:

  1. The random order cited above is not very clear for human understanding, it would be good if they were exported in the same alphabetical order as shown to the user in the Rhino interface.

  2. The .ini text file line structure of alias <space> command macro is not convenient for editing in something like Excel, as there can also be spaces within the macros themselves. Thus, it’s not currently possible to correctly import them into Excel and end up with just two columns - the first column with the aliases and the second with the command macros. A semicolon separator between the aliases and the macros might be better, as far as I know a semicolon cannot be used in either an alias or a command macro, so it should always parse correctly…

Thanks, --Mitch