Named View - Unwanted View Replacement

Named View does not just save a view for future reference, it replaces names of the current viewport with that new named view. The four Basic views are :“Top, Front, Perspective, and Right” and depending which view you are in it replaces that name, and the name found in the the bottom left corner of the viewports frame (see attached)

Why does it not just add the new named view “Name” to the right of the “+” and continue to the right (there must be pre-allocated space for 30 Named Views.

The Reason…: I have set up shortcut keys (on my Space Pilot) for the four basic views, and when Named View, renames the view for that viewport, the macros for the shortcut can no longer find the name … and it fails… Because Named View has renamed the viewport named view and not ADDED a new named view (to the tabs) but replaced the original viewport name.

ie if it had added the new view as a new additional tab I could just click on “Perspective” tab and be back in my original view. Or simply hit my shortcut key…

To get it to do what you want you will have to make an extra viewport and save the named view in that one. The named views are just saved camera locations and don’t have anything to do with the number of viewports- and thus number of tabs.