ALERT: Crazy idea here. Somehow make an elevation map of entire state of Florida?

Hello - I am trying to download/import/make an elevation map for the entire state of Florida, in Rhino 5.

SketchUp limits the downloadable area from Google Earth to 1km x 1km quads, and if I did my math right, it would take me 16 weeks to download all 170,000 sq km. I would like to do this a little faster than that.

I have thought about getting some .dem’s from or something, but am not familiar with the capabilities of Rhino with converting all that.

Does anyone have any fancy ideas? Any help is much appreciated!


You might look at the Rhino Terrain plug-in. There was a V5 version. I doubt it’s still available but that has the ability to work with large data sets like you’re describing.
Even then, I can’t imaging a map that extended from the Floribama pan handle to Key West would be of much practical use.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Thanks for the quick reply, John! I’ll look up Rhino Terrain.

I am trying to build a geological model of the whole state.

You should be able to get this data from the USGS…

isn’t an elevation map or Florida just a straight line 12" above but parallel to the waterline of the ocean?


C’mon. Some places it’s actually over 24".

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