Make terrain from Altimetry data

Im trying to construct a site from dwgs ive received, all is well except Im not quite sure how to best extract the height data. Its in a plan drawing called “Altimetrie” in the set (the site is in France)

Anyone with experience using these kinds of drawings and could give me a pointer on how to best approach it in a tidy manner?
plan_altimetrie_131ec.dwg (531.7 KB)

If these are curves in 3D space then you can try my Terrainmesh plugin.

Sadly all 2D, but with all these height data and points scattered

Yes, this will be quite hard to do, as everything is flat… I don’t know what the numbers represent, but I have a feeling they might be cm. Problem is the numbers represent a height but the height is at a point outside of the number - the little squares.

Plus there are some where there are two heights for one square, that represents a vertical transition like a step or a curb I guess:

The best would be to try and find some real 3D information for this area…

I was considering raising each point to the given hight then meshing the points afterwards - the cadmapper data I get is just not precise enough. If anything i need to simplify in order to build a physical model of planar surfaces, but im not sure if going through the whole process of raising points is worth it (probably a couple of hours…) :slight_smile:

I have a script that can do that, hang on…. Are the numbers in Cm?

Yes i suppose so!

Site is here:,2.27951045,30.75276934a,221.44277083d,35y,359.99984055h,0t,0r/data=CigiJgokCcLAhpsmbUhAER2h5lHLbEhAGZKCwjq6PwJAIb73DvqbOAJAOgMKATA

Hmm, what version of Rhino are you using? I just saw that my script crashes Rhino 8 on your file, it works fine in Rhino 7… Also I need to modify it some more, as the numbers in parentheses like (3392) are not being read as numbers.

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I see! Amazing, really kind of you
I’m on Rhino 7! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay, here it is: (1.3 KB)

Thank you for that!! Super helpful tool :grinning: