Topography - creating a patch taking forever

Hi everyone,

I’m modeling a large piece of terrain and I’m having a hard time creating a patch.

Essentially it is taking hours and won’t complete.

Has anyone had this problem before? It’s a big file covering a large topographic area. Maybe there’s another way create a topo surface instead of using a patch?

Hello - what is the input? How many spans did you ask for in the patch dialog? Are the input data very far from the world origin?


Hi Pascal,

I asked for 75 spans. I know it’s a lot but I need it to be relatively detailed. The input is a .dwg topographic map, and believe I moved it to the origin point.


Hi Alex - but what is the input, in terms of geometry? Millions of points? Thousands of dense polylines?


Thousands of dense polylines…

Hi, large terrains are often made with meshes and a tool you can try is this one I made to handle thousands of both dirty and clean curves and points that overlap and or do other stuff that makes other tools choke.

After the mesh is made you can allways try to drape a nurbs on top of it if you really need a nurbs.
And please respond on the thread I linked to. It’s great to get feedback of any kind!