Rhino NYC 3D Height Elevation

So I’ve been trying to use the Rhino NYC 3D public model but sadly it seems there isn’t an elevation for contour lines / roads etc. Is there anyway to fix this? I’ve seen some threads relating to this but not exactly sure how I could fix this.

I seem to remember someone concluding the contour lines represented two feet, but my memory could be faulty…

Yeah I saw that thread. What does that mean exactly. Is there no way to actually get a elevation from the map?

No, the map is flat. So in any case you will need to elevate your contour lines manually. You might find a DEM somewhere that has the actual height data as points or a mesh…

ah I see, shame. Thanks!

Hi Jay -
As you saw in that other thread, @Brian_Washburn provided links to other data sources. You can use his Heron plug-in to create 3D geometry from that.

Hey Jay,

you can make your own 3D model using the plugin AntFarm we are providing. Get a shapefile or a citygml file and you can load them into Rhino using the plugin.

Have a look at this topic AntFarm