Contour Maps

Hi guys, I know this isn’t strictly a problem with rhino but I would be over the moon if anybody has an answer. I’m trying to create a site map of a site for an architectural project and thought it’d be great if I could create an exact terrain by extruding a contoured site map and then modelling the urban landscape onto this. I’ve tried to download a contour map from digimaps but the contours are too far apart and ideally I need a cad file that can show contouring down to street level. Probably a longshot but if anybody knows a site that can do this it’d save me about 2 weeks of work, thank you

If I were you, I’d get onto GIS StackExchange. You’d need to specify where you are in the world, as options change depending on location (US = many options, Zimbabwe = not so many). Also presumably you are looking to create a mesh and you’d need to specify that.

Hi @danjarvis8,
You can use Ladybug Terrain Generator to generate your terrain surface from Google maps terrain data.
Download the component from here.
You would have to provide your credit card number in order to obtain an api key.
If you don’t download some enormous amount of data, your credit card will not be charged and your terrain surface will be generated for free.

Fantastic thank you guys, I’ll try both of those this afternoon