Aerial Photography and Rubbersheeting Images

Good morning:
I have been using Autocad for over 20 years and just switched to rhino in the last several months. As part of my business, I use the drone to take a mosaic grid of vertical aerial photographs and then convert them into one orthomosaic image. I use a surveying instrument measure ground control points throughout the aerial photographs in order that they can be scaled and corrected based upon the measurements.
I’ve used the PictureFrame command to import the aerial photograph into my road diagrams.
I would like to know if there is a way to use ground control points in rhino to map/stretch the aerial photograph onto the ground control points to remove the minor inaccuracies that are introduced by the process of producing the composite orthomosaic photograph.
Up to this point I’ve been using Autodesk raster design, a plug-in to autocad, to fit the aerial onto the ground control points.
Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

Hi Don - is the image distorted locally, as it were, in the process or overall? If the latter, then Orient with Scale=3d or 1d depending, may be of some use. If it is local, then it is certainly possible to move things around by first boosting the degree and/or point count of the picture frame surface and moving control points but just how you’d do that depends on the details, I guess - do you have an example you can post?