Which command to rubber mat alter a raster image to fit planar item in ortho view?

I have a raster image taken at an angle and I need to best place it to fit the item when seen in ortho view.
Imagine its the front of a house,
So, in Front view, I wish to select bottom left corner of house in image and then select bottom left corner of house in CAD model, then bottom right in image and bott right in CAD model, then top left etc , then top right etc.

All in Front view… have rhino best fit the raster to the house front., in Front view.

How is that done ?

I have tried cageEdit U=2 V=2 rectangle method but move one point and what matched earlier now doesnt, a tail chase develops.


Just use a PictureFrame in Front view , then turn on points (F10) and start moving the corners. If you need more local control, Use Rebuild on the picture frame surface and rebuild with either degree 2 and 3 points - to put a control row in the middle somewhere, or with degree 3 and 4 or more points to put as many rows as you need for distortion adjustment.

You do not need CageEdit for this, edit the picture frame surface directly with control points. Do not trim it.