Is it possible to select points on an image then rubbersheet image to fit desired locations for them?

I have photographed a 5mm grid with items laid out on it, as perpendicular as was possible.
I now wish to remove the slight distort of the grid. I could use photoshop distort tool, but move one control point and match one corner to guide lines, then adjust another and the first shifts a bit, becomes a tail chase.
As the photo is destined for Rhino, I would like to indicate parts of the photo, maybe that would involve placing points on it, that I wish to ‘map’ to placed target points and the photo then is adjusted as if printed on a rubber sheet to fit the target points, and I get a true grid and true shaped objects !

Bonus would then be to be able to export the phto back out as a tif or hi res jpg retaining its full quality and use it in photoshop.

I could use Rhino as a tool for photoshop !

Does anyone otherwise know of a way of doing this in photoshop ? maybe there is an add-on.

I am CS6. Then I can bring it into Rhino for the purpose it was taken.


might be relevant?

  1. Use your image to create a Picture(Frame) image in Rhino
  2. Select the Picture surface you just created, go to Properties>Render Mesh Settings>Custom mesh and hit the Adjust button
  3. Set a custom mesh with a decent fineness for the size of the image (experiment)
  4. Use Rebuild on the Picture surface with a sufficient number of U/V points to be able to edit locally how you like
  5. Turn on points for the image and start moving them around. The image will adjust with the point movements.
  6. When you’re done editing, Lock the image to prevent further manipulation.