Advise needed for outdoor rendering

Hi friends…

I am using Rhino 5 and VRAY 3.40 for my projects (See Attachment as example). Unfortunately VRAY is hard to use. Is there any other plugin you can suggest?

If you don’t need perfect mirror reflections and you could live with basic materials like you can setup per Rhino, than you should look at Enscape. It’s a very fast real time engine and an image like yours should be no problem. Render times are a few seconds, also for interiors. Also you can render animations in a few minutes, if you own a good graphic card. And if you like you can use 3D glasses to discover your scene.

Here you find a lot of nice renders. You should know, you get what you see, not so much more is possible. But with the possible options you can do a lot.

Enscape or Vray? It’s a question of your need. I use Vray (at the moment only VfR2) all days and Enscape from time to time. (Enscape allow to buy licenses for a month only too, so you can buy the license for projects, if needed.)

If Enscape isn’t enough for you, I would stick at Vray. I expect a hugh step forward by the next version.


in my opinion, enscape sucks in rhino.
they are developing their engine for sketchup and revit.
no ies support for rhino plugin
no AO

it’s a good choice only if you want rendering architectural interior in few seconds.
better eevee for blender ,export your projects in FBX and try blender 2.80 for free.

Or directly import your 3dm file into Blender 2.80:

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So far I know it’s on the way for the next release.