Renderer for rhino

Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for rendering in rhino 6 it is a big project like 50 feddan or so … so what would be a nice, easy renderer to use for it ?
Lumion is kinda out of question for me at the moment

Enscape will give you decent out-of-the-box renders. Fast. If you have the time to tune settings, the built-in Cycles render can be as good as VRay.

You can check out twinmotion.

Vray is also good because so many vray library & proxies online to add complexity into the scene



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What means a big project? Exterior or Interior or both? What kind of scene - a hotel area or a space ship? :slight_smile: Is it a complex scene or simple and large?

I use V-Ray since it’s a great allrounder with a matured plugin.

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it is 50 feddan ao it is urban design project all exterior

i think encscape is like lumion but i will give it a try

i hear keyshot is fast and easy anyone used it before ?

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I used to use keyshot. but the Rhino Raytraced viewport works very similarly. No longer relevant for Rhino users IMHO.

I beg to differ (a LOT), as Keyshot is MUCH faster than Cycles and has a much more complete set of tools… but in this case - the project being 210.000 m² - I wouldn’t recomend Keyshot. It’s a great render engine for product and vehicle design, but is still lacking a bit compared to V-ray for exterior renderings.
@ahmedsabrah26, you don’t say why Lumion is out, but I would take a look at Enscape and Twinmotion - both are fast and easy to use and deliver some decent renderings, I think. I wouldn’t call V-ray easy to use/learn - it’s got a steep learning curve! It does come with a lot of pre-defined materials, but setting up lighting, cameras etc. is not trivial for a first time user. If you have the hardware for it (a GPU with plenty of CUDA cores and RAM), Cycles in Rhino is a great alternative, but still a little rough around the edges.
My 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a typical scene where Enscape could be a good tool. The Achilles ferse of Enscape are mirrors and limited materials, bur for exteriors both doesn’t count. And so Enscape could give you his best - super fast, also camera animations are rendered in minutes and you get a lot of assets like people, plants, cars … and anything within Rhino without to export anything. And real time VR you get too. I would test it. Could make fun to use it for a project like this.

sorry for the late reply…my hardware is very limited so i cant use lumion + my modeling is in 5 files i cant put all together in 1 file because of my hardware so ifi use vray i would also render in each file alone not with all together but lumion really doesn’t start for me

thanks i will try it out today hope it works

E-on software’s Vue might be worth a try too.

So i’ve reached a conclusion it either enscape or twinmotion but i really cant decide which one…i’ve noticed that twinmotion got a material library to start with while esnscape there is not a material library

can someone tell me what are pros and cons for each one in terms of render quality