Advanced GPU Lighting

(Akche001) #1

I have a question. Why “Use advanced GPU lighting” in display mode make no difference in V6?

R5 to R6 Wireframe lines still ugly
(Brian James) #2

Do you have an example 3dm and display mode (ini) that shows what you mean? Probably best to make a new post too. Thanks, I can take a look when I know more. That display mode option is meant to improve lighting and image texture resolution in the display.

(Akche001) #3

Hi Brian! I’ve attached the ini files also some images to demonstrate the effect in V5 and V6.V5_Shaded_GPU_Lighting_effect.ini (11.5 KB)
V6_Shaded_no_GPU_Lighting_effect.ini (12.4 KB)

(Brian James) #4

Thanks for explaining more about your Use GPU Lighting question. This is not related to this thread but I’ll try and explain what I just learned. If you have a specific problem you are trying to solve and the turning off of this feature is what helped on v5 please make a new thread and we can go from there.

The Use Advanced GPU Lighting option in V5 switched between using our shaders vs. OpenGL’s default lighting mechanism… In V6 it doesn’t do that, because it can’t… Anything using OpenGL 3.0 or higher cannot use legacy “fixed function” pipeline features.

So what does the option do in V6? Right?

It disables all advanced lighting in the display IF…

  • Shadows are off for the mode
  • The mode is using rendering materials
  • The Skylight is off in the Rendering panel
  • There is no custom HDR or EXR used for reflection in the Rendering panel

Then you’ll see a difference.

The reason the feature still exists is that turning it off when the system has a really bad GPU for CAD work can make for a big performance improvement.

(Steve Baer) #5

I moved this to a new thread since it was getting buried in an unrelated thread.

(Akche001) #6

I’ve only demonstrated this effect in shaded mode. The effect was evident in V5 with AA 8x, edge thickness reduced and isocurves off. While it was visually nothing in V6 and it was suspicious enough to raise a question.

(Akche001) #7

Thanks Brian!

(Brian James) #10

okay, hopefully that got answered. In shaded mode there won’t be an effect in v6 but if that mode got customized there would be. Switch the Shaded mode to Scene Lighting in a default v6 file and then it would for instance.

(Akche001) #11

Understood! For people moving from V5 to V6, it’s habitual to raise this kind of questions but at the same time it get answered by new options which is good. Thanks for explaining.