Strange effect with GTX 1060

@Jeff (?)

Got myself a new graphics card: GTX 1060.

Of course I was eager to see how it performs with V6.

Try this:
Start a V6, no other rhino running, especially NOT v5.
Create 2 boxes.
Orbit the view.
Switch to shaded.
—> You will see a short flicker that shows the former viewport image.
Again, orbit, then switch to wireframe.
Same effect.

This effect was seen during the V5 development as well.
You fixed it.

Now comes the super strange effect:
While V6 still runs, start a V5.
Test the same as with V6.
You will see it works just as expected, perfect.

Activate the running V6 and try the above again.
—> Now it works as perfect as in V5.

Close V5.
In V6, still perfect.

Close V6.
Start V6.
Do the test.
The flicker is there again.


This seems really odd to me as well… I’m not seeing it here…but the odd part is that V6’s frame buffer presentation is 100% different than V5’s…things are done completely different when it comes time to display the frame buffer. So since you’re still seeing this effect, I’m wondering if it could somehow either be a Windows thing or an NVidia configuration thing…or both, and running the two Rhinos simply causes the configuration to act differently. I assure you, V5 and V6 have no clue of each other, and are not doing anything to help make the other work better :slight_smile:

Not sure what to say or suggest at the moment, other than V6 is currently in serious flux and the display is no exception, so things are still changing pretty fast…but I will keep an eye out for this.