Adjust distance of dimension from points?

Simple question, but I just can’t seem to find the setting:

Where do I adjust the distance a dimension is offset from the points you are measuring. I can find all the options for the arrows and lines and so on, but not where to change that.

I want to create dimensions which are literally arrows between 2 points (see screenshot)

I am sure I must just be missing the right place to change it.


I dont really get what exactly you are looking for, is it to measure the distance x or control distance ?

Anyways, after clicking twice to set start and end point of the dimension, you can adjust the distance of the dimension(? in your case) with the third click. If you want to alter that distance later on, you can select the dimension, press f10 (to turn control points on) and drag the points on the dimension-line according to your requirements.

What you are showing is what I want to achieve. So this isn’t a setting where I can just set the offset to 0, but I have to do it manually for each dimension?

Hi -

That’s correct, yes. The case for 0 offset it probably the easiest - you just click one extra time on the end point of the dimension where you already have your mouse pointing at.