Dim offset from another dim (from tentative point) not from dim start point

Hello How can i achieve offset of a new dim exactly from determined point (another existing dim).
It seems like input value in command line always considers first dimension point not respecting tentative point.

Hello - I guess one workaround might be:

Start your dim, and at the prompt to place the offset type in Distance and snap to the two points that giive the existing offset, then add your increment to the number that is reported back. The From osnap seems not to work here, that would be the more useful way, I guess.


Thank you for the answer.
Is it supposed not to work for some reason or is it just minor “bug” ? Due to consistency with other commands i suppose it should work “from osnap” way.

I am asking all of this because i want to start doing all my projects solely in rhino. As i am digging deeper , sadly i am finding some discrepancies which is holding me back to go all the way in.

Pascal please reg this as a request. It is a small thing which would result in more consistent way of commands working.