Placing dimension value outside of arrows

In the pic attached, rhino is putting the dimension value text inside the arrows, but the gap is so small that the dimension value text is overlapping the dimension line. How can I get the dimension value text

outside of the dimension arrows?


Hi Sam,

If you turn on control points for the dimension, one of them is for the text, you can pull that to the outside and put it where you want.


Great! Everything’s got control points, I should have realized…

(Necroposting for the benefit of those who may search this topic as I did)

This is exactly what I was searching for, but I don’t know how to access or turn on these control points to move the dimension text.

The text says, “turn on control points for the dimension”… not sure how to do that.

For me, it’s F10, but I can’t remember if that’s the default Rhino setting. Look in Options > Keyboard. Hitting Escape a couple of times after you’ve finished turns the points off.

MattE - perfect. That worked. Thanks!